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Nine months ago, I was lost, broken, hopeless and wanted to die. Today I am joyous, happy and free. I am healed and liberated from the bondage of self, trauma, and addiction.


There is freedom through hard work and perseverance. Thank you to my new family and Jesus for showing me the way out!!



I was a slave to heroin and opioids for over 18 years of my life. It was something, like many that I went back and forth with and had many bouts of sobriety, but in the end, the addiction always won.


On August 4, 2017 I decided to get my life together. With countless rehabs, overdoses, counseling sessions… I had a “final overdose” on March 5th and “died”. I woke up in jail days later and knew I needed a change. I spent a few months in jail, admitted myself after into a rehab center and after leaving, found Lifehouse.


Lifehouse saved my life! It helped me to stand on my own two feet and realize I was still worth it. I’m proud to say that after 2 years sober, and much soul searching, that I’m now living a life I only before had dreamed about, but never could obtain. Sober, working, independent, and free form the BONDAGE that once kept me enslaved.


I thank God, Amy, Lifehouse, and my family for not giving up on me and pushing me to be a better “me”. I am one happy girl today and so very grateful.


I am a heroin addict. I’ve been a slave to my addiction of drugs since I was twelve. I like many addicts, went back and forth for many years. I had clean time with one drug and went back out to find a different one that was “better”. In the end, addiction won. I had lost feeling in my right leg and left arm. No longer had anything going for myself or my life. August 30th, 2019, changed my life forever. I went to detox that day, stayed for six days, and when I got out, I showed up at LIFEhouse ministries doorstep. Lost, broken, nervous, and most of all, willing. Willing to do anything and everything to change and save my life. LIFEhouse HAS saved my life in many ways. This house has helped me gain the confidence I needed to know I was still worth it. It’s taught me to stand on my own two feet. To be able to reestablish relationships I didn’t think I’d ever get back or have the chance to. I’ve overcome so much since living here. I’m proud to say, I am free from all the bondage that keep me a slave for 14 years. I can’t thank Amy Chaudion, Kyle Chaudion, God, my family, and LIFEhouse enough for not giving up on me, and pushing me to be the best version of me possible. I am beyond happy and grateful to be the person I am today and can’t wait to see the many great things to


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